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Low Cost Of Ownership

Having an AED at your practice costs less than you think.

Today's defibrillators are easier to use and more accessibly priced than ever before. Overall prices have reduced dramatically and as an AAPM member you'll enjoy specially tailored offers. With 8 year warranties and longer life spans for consumables like batteries and pads, the annual cost of ownership can be less than $200.
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Improve the odds

Why an onsite AED is best practice for your practice

People who suffer a cardiac arrest while in a medical clinic are twice as likely to survive if they are promptly defibrillated with an automated external defibrillator rather than waiting to be defibrillated after paramedics arrive, according to the authors of research published by the Medical Journal of Australia.



Basic Life Support

Don't wait to defibrillate.

Equipping your practice with an AED means you're ready to shock and can deliver rapid defibrillation. Even with perfect CPR, the chances of being in a shockable rhythm go down over time. Even the highest performing emergency medical services will not be able to arrive at the patient and perform CPR more rapidly than bystanders.

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Best Practice For Your Practice

As AAPM's National Partner, we're here to help you make your practice and your community heart safe and ensure you're ready to take a leading role in resuscitation.

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